The Company

Golden Plate Electroplating Pte Ltd was founded in 1998 to supply the needs of the Electronics, Medical and Semiconductors Industries, as well as related support industries. Specializing in Gold and Silver industrial plating, and surface treatment, we have acquired a reputation in the industry for producing top quality work at a competitive price.

The company has worked hard to maintain our position at the top of the industrial production plating industry. We are prepared to work just as hard for your business. We offer upfront technical consultations on your plating project so that we can meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.

Our experienced employees and solid supplier base give us the resources to handle special needs and solve problems quickly. We have developed systems to meet our customer's requirements in a wide variety of applications and a policy of continuous innovative development.

We believe that through progressive leadership, communication, technology and the desire to continually upgrade our facility and service, we can continue to grow and prosper.